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Mis Quince

A Cake specifically for your celebration is exactly what you deserve!  We work closely with you and give you personalized attention to ensure your cake is customized for you. We love to ask tailored questions to learn more about your vision to create a cake for you to remember!  

Paquete Quinceañera / Sweet 16
$ 600

  • Pastel de imitación de 3 niveles

  • 2 pasteles de cocina para 100 porciones

  • Cupcakes de 2 dz

  • 2 dz cakepops

  • 2 dz de oreos cubiertos de chocolate

  • 2 dz de golosinas Rice Krispy

  • Se aplica cualquier tema

  • Toppers no incluidos

  • Se aplican algunas restricciones

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